Terraform depends_on Always Causes Update

A few months ago I wrote a Terraform Module for deploying an ECS cluster. The module allows you the option to attach an Elastic File System to the cluster using my EFS Module. I quickly ran into an issue with...

Long Running Packer Builds Failing

A few months back I wrote about how I built Packer images with Terraform. This week I had to make some changes to one of the projects that use this, and I started receiving a weird error.

Automating MacOS Configuration with Ansible

From my early days with Solaris Jumpstart to more modern tools like Ansible, I’ve always been big on configuration management. For a long time I only thought about CM in terms of server configuration. Even when I was running Linux...

Dotfiles Repo

Like a lot of people, I manage all of my dotfiles in a GitHub Repo. The main reason that I do this is so that I can have a consistent environment, no matter where I log in. Over the years,...

Cleaning up EBS volumes

I’ve been cleaning up a lot of AWS resources lately and thought I would share a couple of commands that I use for cleaning up EBS volumes.