I mentioned back in December that my PyCharm subscription was coming up for renewal in early January and that I was going to give VS Code an honest try. I had planned to use the whole month to evaluate the tool and spend enough time in it to get past the normal preference bias. Unfortunately, I only made it about another week after my initial post.

A project came up that required a lot of Terraform, and while I started the project with VS Code, I quickly became annoyed with missing functionality that I really depend on. Specifically, the identification of variables that have not yet been defined. I use this functionality in PyCharm a lot to validate that I’ve created every variable I need. I don’t want to wait until I am deploying the code to find out that I forgot a variable.

So I’m back on PyCharm for the time being. I may revisit it again in a year or so, to see if they have more of what I need or if what I need changes.